Uorale is a new concept in data transfer from one desktop to another, without relying on the recipient in real time.

Uorale was born out of the need to transfer files among a advertising agency, a video post production company, and the customer.

It brings whole new concept in data transfer, sending files straight to the recipient's desktop without the need for the latter to take any action.

We should clarify that Uorale.com wasn't born from a Software or Internet company.
The system was born out of the need of a company that sends files over the Internet and found itself with the need to make an over complicated system easier for itself and it's clients: the file sharing system.

A little history...

The company started out using e-mail, but being so limited and slow it was quickly left on the side. An e-mail system is just meat to be used for that, sending e-mails, not files, large e-mail(with attached files) get stuck in the server as priority is given to “just text” messages , not to mention how slow the mail protocols are to upload and download files. Another drawback, e-mail system doesn't usually allow more that 9 or 10 Mb so files needed to to be split into several e-mils in order to be able to send them.

A short time after an attempt with FTP was made . The FTP system is very good but complicated for the regular user. A considerable amount of knowledge is required to be able to use the system comfortably, plus an FTP client which is more of a fuzz for the user. So now we have to different costs, the FTP server and the FTP client. Another drawback is that it requires user interaction, things don't download automatically from FTP, you have to login to the server and manually download the files you need. Needles to say that you have to send an e-mail to the recipient so he can download the file!

The company also tried with the well known on-line hard drives or download links. Transfer protocols are complicated and slow because they are provided from a web browser, transfer the interrupted, the user has a certain time frame to download the file, is limited by a maximum number of daily downloads and so on. It also requires user interaction as the user need to click on each link to download the files. And again we must send an e-mail to tell the recipient which link he must download!

Some attempts with Instant Messaging were also made, but the complication associated with this systems would not fit in the length of this page.

From all this, Uorale.com was born. A system that aims at simplifying file transfer over the Internet.

A simple system that is easy to use for any user was accomplished, as simple as IM software, with a robust file transfer system. A completely unattended system that is capable of receiving files automatically without any kind of user interaction. Saving time for the user. A virtual hard drive system was also implemented to be able to offer the users the possibility to re-send files without having to upload them again if they are still on the server. The system completely changed the way in which the company worked, having lots of clients and providers abroad, it was no longer needed to get to the office in the morning and see which files needed to be downloaded in order to begin the day's work as they have been already downloaded to the computers because the system is completely unattended.

The same goes for our clients, being a time zone difference when they got to their offices the files were already there thanks to uorale.com

Uorale.com is in beta stage right now and we are working hard to be able to add more functionality to it and make the file transfer more dynamic.

There's a long road up ahead. And we are working on it!

UORALE.COM is a state of the art system that
allows you to transfer you files with ease and
at high speed rates when compared to other systems.
UORALE.COM is an UNATTENDED system with
which the user, once connected to the system, receives
the files automatically in he's local folder without
any external action and ready to be used.
Using Uorale.com you won't have the need to access
any FTP server, web page or download link.
With UORALE.COM your files are transfered
in a very secure way, they are kept in password
protected servers, adding increased security by
encrypting the files. Then each file is automatically
renamed with a random code, making it impossible
for someone to find your files by name.
Each user has he's own virtual hard drive, with every
sent and received file. Also you can resend a file
from your virtual hard drive without the need
to upload it again .
Then the system automatically handles the distribution
of those files among the final recipients.
The recipient can use the software for free.

Company related to the audio and video production sector with client abroad.
It's applicable to any Company that transfers data in a small, medium and large scale.

As said in the History section, UORALE was born to satisfy a particular need for a Company that transfers large files on a regular basis. After one year of using UORALE they told us the application was such a success from the day they started using it.

First of all, it saved us a lot of time...
When we had to call a courier to deliver the DVD's or Cassettes, this would take between 20 and 30 minutes to get here, in that time a 100 MB file was already in the server and on the recipient's desktop with a standard 1Mb Internet connection.
In the case of sending abroad, files of over 500MB (even 4GB), we would leave the system sending before we left the office. Next morning, they would call us from a different continent amazed to tell us: “I have the DVD here!”. We never had to pay post companies again.
Once a file was sent, we sent it again straight from the server, so be it 100MB o 4GB it was re sent instantly with just one click.
We never had to stop the edit facility again to copy the commercials.

In terms of security...
We knew that all data was encrypted and sent through secure connections, besides only the intended recipient could see the files contents, this gave us much confidence, even with the kind of material we sent.
Our data no longer went trough people outside the Company.
We kept all sent information on the Uorale servers, so when we couldn't find one piece we downloaded it directly from the backup.

The costs issue, is not a minor one...
With the money we spent on FTP servers we pay for UORALE, the rest were all savings.
We stopped spending money on things like DVS's and Cassettes; equipment repairs due to wearing out, couriers, taxis, edit facility time, a time waiting for a file, in sum, I saw a clear improvement in production for my company and signs that that world and technology are moving forward. I'm just happy to be able to be one step ahead...”